Healthcare networking and education tips-

April 29, 2007

Want to earn a degree in Health Care Administration? I recommend the Cal State Univ. Long Beach Master’s Degree program, It has great faculty, students that work in healthcare and other fields as well, and a stronger accreditation than most similar programs.

Want to get to know people in the Healthcare industry? I recommend the Healthcare Financial Managers Association, (OR for the Southern CA Chapter). Many members are leaders in the healthcare industry in California. And if you’re already working in a finance-related position within the Healthcare industry, HFMA has seminars that will be of interest to you.


Get News Feeds related to Long-Term Care-

April 24, 2007

To see up-to-date information about “Aging”, I suggest going to and signing up to receive news feeds (doesn’t take long).

 Then, do a search on that site for “aging newsblog”, and click the link under the first article that says “subscribe to feed”. When you go back to later, you can click on “Feeds” (top left of the page) and check the most recent news on the topic of aging.

Other news sources you can get “feeds” from on Bloglines are: BBC News, Health, World Edition; and Reuters: Health.